Coddington Vineyard

English wine of exceptional quality

We grow three grape varieties and produce single variety wines from them, including our award winning and very popular Bacchus.

On a south facing slope, our mature vines absorb the warmth of the sunshine late into the autumn.

This allows the grapes to ripen slowly, important in the production of our delicate, floral, aromatic English wines.

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Award winning English wine

harvesting grapes

We grow three grape varieties

Bacchus and Ortega are developed in Germany for a cool climate, and are partly of Riesling stock.

The third is Pinot Gris, a French grape.

We usually harvest the Ortega in late September and the Bacchus and Pinot Gris in October.

The vineyard produces around four tonnes of grapes, providing about 3,000 bottles of wine each year.

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