Mixed Case – Red & Whites


Cuvee Amphorae 2015 – 2 bottles, 75cl 14%vol
Bacchus 2018 – 2 bottles, 75cl 11.5%vol
Ortega 2018 – 2 bottles, 75cl 12%vol


Cuvee Amphorae

A favourite of ours, it compliments our wines from the William Chace maison local to ourselves in Herefordshire.
A structured blend of Syrah and Grenache grapes from the Cote d’ Azur region.
Bright ruby in colour representing a profusion of red fruit aromas paticularly rasperries and redcurrents.
A wonderful fresh palate of purity of the fruit and spices.


Our 2014 & 2015 SWVA silver award winning Coddington Bacchus is consistently renowned for its delicious crisp dry taste.

Ripening in Mid October, it produces a fine very clear dry white wine having a fruity Sauvignon style taste suggestive of Elderflowers.
A varietal wine, maturing well in the bottle, it develops flavours of tropical fruit and it has become one of the most popular and trendy wines.


Ortega develops well in the bottle and produces wine of outstanding quality with a fine aroma reminiscent of peaches.
ORTEGA grapes ripen from the beginning of September; quite early for white grapes and therefore excellent in our rather damp Autumn climate.