It is very fruity in a Sauvignon Blanc style. It matures well in a bottle, when it develops tropical fruit flavours.

Developed in Germany in 1972, the Bacchus grape is a cross of Sylvaner X Riesling with Muller Thurgau.

Ripening in October, it produces a wine with a flowery bouquet suggestive of elderflowers.

It is planted widely in the United Kingdom.

Bacchus - white wine grown on English vineyard
Flowery bouquet, suggestive of elder flowers and tropical fruit.
2015 SWVA Silver Award of Merit: Bottle: £15.95

Pinot Gris

Excellent for still or sparkling wines, it needs to ripen well for the wine to develop its fine aroma and its distinctive spicy flavour.

A quality white grape grown widely in Europe over many centuries.

Pinot Gris is known as Rulander in Gernmany, and Pinot Grigio in Italy.

It is probably a mutation of Pinot Noir, and produces dark blue grapes.

English white wine grown on small vineyard
Fine aroma and distinctive spicy flavour
2015 Highly Commended. Bottle: £14.50
NOW AVAILABLE from our 2015 harvest we have a SPARKLING Pinot Gris. Dry and delicate. Lively with a fruity zest traditionally fermented in the bottle: £27


Developing well in the bottle, it produces wine of outstanding quality, with a fine bouquet reminiscent of peaches.

Developed in Germany in 1971, the Ortega grape is a cross of Muller Thurgau with Siegrebbe.

It is named after the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset.

Ortega ripens early, and is therefore an excellent variety in a poor season.

Ortega - white wine grown in English vineyard
Very fine bouquet reminiscent of peaches
2015 Highly Commended. Bottle: £14.50 SOLD OUT

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