English wines are premium products and intended for fine dining


Ripening in mid October lends a pale, lemon gold hue to the wine.

The nose shows elderflower, nettle, lime flower and a hint of rose petal too. These aromas flow onto the palate to be joined with grapefruit and lemon skin notes, and just a hint of melon and nectarine fruit too. Finishes clean, crisp and dry.

Our 2014 & 2015 vintages have won SWVA Silver Awards

bronze wine award

Award Winning 2019 – 12% – £16.00 per bottle

Pinot Gris


This grape produces dark blue grapes when ripened at the end of October giving the wine a slight blush appearance. By allowing the natural fermentation to extend to 30 months, the Pinot grape makes a very fine sparkling wine having a fruity aroma and spicey flavour. Crisp and dry.
ENGLISH SPARKLINGS are becoming world wide award winners.

2018 and 2019 – 12.5% – £29.00 per bottle


Ortega grapes ripen from the beginning of September – quite early for white grapes and therefore excellent in our rather damp Autumn climate.

It develops well in the bottle and produces wine of outstanding quality with a fine aroma reminiscent of peaches.

Not quite as dry as Bacchus, but less sweet than Pinot.

2018 and 2019 – 12% – £15 per bottle

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